(also known as "Photography 101" or "Photography for Dummies")

If you're a novice with a decent camera but are disappointed with the results it produces, this workshop is for you!

"Better Photos in Minutes" is a workshop specially designed for people who want great photos without becoming a semi-pro photographer or spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment or even spending hours behind the computer on digital processing. That includes moms and dads or grandpas and grandpas who want better family photos, individuals who are intrigued by photography but find the techniques and complexity a bit overwhelming, or anyone else who truly wants to produce better photos in a matter of minutes.

Concepts include:


  • Composition
    • Proper perspective for photographing children
    • Identifying and eliminating distractions BEFORE taking the photo
    • More pleasing body and facial angles for portraits
  • Focusing Techniques
    • Portraits and candids
    • Fast moving subjects (from quick kids to action sports)
    • Eliminating blurry photos
  • Exposure
    • Optimizing auto mode and beyond
  • Flash
    • The same great lighting results at half the cost of that expensive camera or lens for natural light
    • Eliminating nasty outdoor shadows
  • Landscape Intro
    • Taking better pictures of those "beautiful places" you visit
      (with and without you in the photo)

...once understood, none of the above concepts will take more than a few seconds to properly apply with your camera.


Again, the theme is what you can do in the matter of one or two "minutes" rather than hours behind your computer, including:

  • Simple metadata tagging for better findability 
  • Fixing improper exposure after the fact
  • Quick removal of spots, blemishes, and even distracting elements like other people
  • Cheap post processing techniques that can save you thousands in costly camera gear
  • Make your prints look like they do on your computer (not all washed out and blurry)


The "Better Photos in Minutes" workshop will be scheduled in Steamboat Springs, Colorado over the summer of 2016 with four sessions lasting 60-minutes each. Each session will consist of 30-minutes of easy to understand instruction followed by 30-minutes of hands-on practice and Q&A. The short duration of each session is to ensure that the concepts aren't overwhelming. The re-occuring sessions will allow a quick review of past learnings before moving onto the next powerful yet easy subject.


"Better Photos in Minutes" is one of the most impactful and economical photography workshops available. A $500 tuition fee provides:

  • Four, 60-minute session of intimate instruction (workshop limited to 8 participants) with private Q&A between sessions.
  • One-year subscription to Adobe Photography Creative Cloud ($120 value)
  • Collection of Lightroom and Photoshop pre-sets, actions and plug-ins to turn hours-long processes into only a few seconds ($500 value)
  • A professional flash for your camera's make/model ($200 value)
  • "I don't want to know all the technical stuff, I just want to shoot pictures" book ($25 value)


Complete the "Online Contact Form" or call (970) 846-9164 to express your interest. Space is limited to 8 participants and the workshop will be scheduled upon full registration. Payment is due upon confirmation of acceptable schedule.