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Chain Events Junior State Championship

With most races on hold for 2020 due to COVID, Prescott's Chain Events Racing stood up a 3-part junior race series in record time so that our local youth could still compete safely. Many different community groups collaborated to put on the event, including donated materials from Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber to build some jumps for the popular "tech lane" and financial support from local bike shops like High Gear and automotive dealer Findlay Subaru.

In the midst of coaching my son for his races, I was usually carrying two dSLR cameras attached to a double Black Rapid strap setup, one with a 70-200 lens and another at 24-70. To grab some video, I also mounted a 360-degree GoPro MAX in a few different places and controlled it via an iPhone app while also wirelessly triggering the video record button on a backup dSLR mounted to a tripod. A few times, I was able to set everything down and chase the action with my DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. I felt like inspector gadget, but it was really fun to get some photos and videos for the young athletes and their families.