Scott Bideau Photography | About Scott Bideau


Photographers often specialize in one genre, but I enjoy the diversity of landscape, action sports, photojournalism, and portraiture.

I love landscape and cityscape photography for the new locations introduced and the journey to find them. I prefer God's natural beauty over heavy post-processing and try to limit my digital editing workflow to about 15 minutes or less per image.

Sports photography is a thrilling combination of fast action subjects and quick decision making. Too slow of a shutter speed or the wrong focusing technique and you've got no image. Break the rules with the right creativity and you'll get an amazingly unique image. 

Photojournalism and portrait photography offers a unique chance to get to know my subject before photographing them. Telling their story often involves a balance of natural light, portable flash, and large studio strobes.

And then there are my personal projects - some of which combine all of the above concepts.

I don't do wedding photography, but admire those who do.


I donate 100% of all proceeds to charity and regularly strive for personal projects that benefit my local community. Read more about the beneficiaries of this program on the Charitable Giving page. 


My photographs are featured in private collections in homes and office buildings across the nation, in national and local media, and at local art galleries. A complete list is available on the Clients Page.